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Rehire Furloughed Employees on a Budget

April 5th, 2021

As a result of the global pandemic’s financial impact, countless employees were furloughed. Employees are looking to transition back to work and businesses are searching for a budget-friendly way to bring former employees back.

TPI Staffing Rehire Furloughed Employees on a Budget

For companies who downsized by conducting furloughs or rather temporary leave as a result of the global pandemic's financial impact — bringing back former employees is a fairly simple process. Reductions in workforce, furloughed employees and payroll cuts have been a few of the employment consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rehire Solution

Bringing back employees that were furloughed or laid off through a payrolling service allows your business to continue to utilize the valuable skills of former employees by transferring them to a staffing agency's payroll at a fraction of the price of a new hire.

Cost of Rehiring Furloughed Employees

Rather than finding new talent through an agency, our clients may send the furloughed or laid off employees to a staffing agency to take care of the financial side while clients are able to focus on their core business.

Hourly Pay Rate x Discounted Markup = Hourly Bill Rate 

Payrolling means that TPI Staffing is the employer of record and manages all payroll expenses such as taxes, unemployment, workers' compensation, insurance and W-2 - allowing you to focus on your core business. The flexibility of the payrolling option is a great benefit during times of financial uncertainty.


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