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The Ultimate Light Industrial Staffing Guide for Employers

February 2nd, 2021

There are many light industrial staffing companies to choose from in Texas. Investing in the right staffing agency partner is important to meet production, safety, and long-term business goals.

TPI Staffing Light Industrial Staffing Agency

TPI Staffing is one of Texas' leading light industrial and manufacturing recruitment agencies, serving top local employers to place candidates into industrial jobs. Light Industrial staffing agencies hire skilled or unskilled workers to assist in reaching your production goals. 


Light Industrial Staffing Agencies in Texas

Light Industrial Staffing Agency Guide for Texas Employers

There are many light industrial staffing companies to choose from in Texas. Investing in the right light industrial staffing agency partner is important when it comes to meeting production, safety, and long-term business goals. As one of Texas' leading light industrial and manufacturing recruitment agencies, TPI Staffing has been matching local employers with the top industrial candidates since 1988. Not sure where to start? Check out our Comprehensive Guide for Employers to learn more.


Benefits of using a Light Industrial Staffing Agency

There are many benefits of using a staffing agency to provide temporary workers to control your workforce needs. Temporary workers are a low-risk option with little obligation required and allows you to evaluate the candidate’s performance on the job before making a hiring commitment.

Main advantages:

  • Meet production goals

  • Greater access to a skilled workforce

  • Hire available workers that are ready to work

  • Save on Workers' Compensation and Insurance coverage

  • Control workforce demand

  • Reduce turnover by up to 50%


Types of Industrial Staffing

As a leading supplier of light industrial recruitment, TPI Staffing's solutions division focuses on providing high-quality industrial employees in a variety of placement options:

  1. Temporary
  2. Temp-to-Hire
  3. Direct Hire
  4. Payrolling


Industrial Staffing Job Categories

We provide screened, experienced workers with a variety of skills and experience.

  • Warehouse
  • Assembly
  • Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Technical
  • Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Skilled Labor
  • General Labor


Industrial Staffing Safety Program

A proactive safety program is the best way to reduce the risk of work-related accidents, avoid employee injuries, lost time, and prevent workers’ comp claims–which in turn, increases employee morale and productivity.

We believe that a safe workplace is key to employee productivity and job satisfaction, and work with our clients to ensure that safety and risk management roles and responsibilities are clear from the start. We're sharing our top tips to Develop an Effective Workplace Safety Program.

Download our Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips to help create and maintain a safe work environment for all employees- including temps.


5 Questions Supervisors Should Ask a Staffing Agency

1. Who is responsible for training the temporary workers?

2. Who handles OSHA and Injury Reporting?

3. Am I responsible for certifying temporary employees?

4. Are temporary workers provided with PPE? Does my company need to provide certain PPE?

5. Who is responsible for paying overtime?

View OSHA's recommended safety practices for Temporary Workers.


Hiring Light Industrial Workers

Are you looking for top talent? Contact our recruiters to see how we can help you meet your workforce goals. We understand that staffing can be a challenge so let our recruiters take the hiring burden away from you. 


The Main Differences

What's the difference between office/clerical and light industrial temp employees?

Light Industrial Staffing differs from Office Professional staffing in a variety of ways. For one, the workers' compensation classification code is different and the costs may be higher.

Workers' Compensation

Light Industrial related employees are classified under a different code depending on job classification and what the company does. This cost varies per state.

Office/Clerical related employees are typically classified as '8810' which is relatively low cost due to low risk of workers' compensation.

Insurance Coverage

TPI Staffing is the employer of record and manages all payroll expenses such as taxes, unemployment, workers' compensation, insurance and W-2 - allowing you to focus on your core business. The risk is of course higher for light industrial workers, thus the costs and specific insurance coverage may be more. Your markups may reflect this cost.

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TPI Staffing has been serving Texas for more than 30 years, helping local businesses since 1988. If you are in need of filling your open positions with the right job candidates, contact our team of recruiters today to work with one of the best temporary staffing agencies in Texas.

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