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5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Recruiting Process for Smarter Hiring

January 20th, 2020

We're sharing five key tips to smarter hiring to win the best candidate for your company. Directly from our Top Recruiter, Linda Meacham, is offering advice for hiring managers to improve the hiring process.

Tips for Smarter Hiring TPI Staffing Agencies Houston Texas

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Top TPI Staffing Recruiter, Linda Meacham, offers advice for managers to improve the hiring and recruiting process. We're sharing five key tips for smarter hiring to win the best candidate for your company. Here are a few tips organizations should keep in mind:


Tip #1: Make a hiring decision quickly

In a candidate-driven market, job seekers do not remain exclusive to one potential employer. Job seekers submit applications with many of your competitors, thus, candidates have their pick of options and are not staying on the job market for very long.

Start Conversations Sooner

Employers now have a very narrow window - 24 hours up to 1 week on average - after your interview before the candidate is lost to your competitors. The longer you wait to decide on a candidate, the more likely you are to lose them. With our vast network of top talent, we can help you find someone you’ll want to hire right away.

  • Keep job seekers updated throughout the process
  • Make a job offer quicker than your competition


Tip #2: Evaluate your hiring criteria

The way you search for, select and interview potential applicants hinges on your hiring strategy. Regularly review your main criteria for making a hiring decision. Look back on previous hires that were both successes and failures to identify candidate traits, past work experience, or certain skills of past candidates or new hires. 


What's the most important hiring criteria?

Top TPI Staffing recruiter, Linda Meacham works directly alongside hiring managers offering her 20+ years of staffing expertise and says that, "hiring is one of the most important decisions a company will make, so it's important I understand their unique requirements." Check out these Recruiting Tips for Effective Hiring to hire the most talented people for your company. 

The 4 most important hiring criteria:

  1. Qualifications
  2. Skills
  3. Experience
  4. Culture/Fit

Hiring Criteria Infographic TPI Staffing


Tip #3: Ask deeper interview questions

Train your interviewing team to ask better questions to better evaluate potential candidates. Incorporate deeper comprehensive thinking interview questions for better insight into the candidate's capabilities and way of thinking or problem-solving. If you interview smarter you'll be able to filter out more unqualified candidates.


Tip #4: Conduct second interviews

Have you already interviewed a candidate but still aren't sure whether or not they'll be a good fit? Maybe you have another manager that you'd like for them to meet with. Don't be afraid to ask the candidate to come back to interview with additional team members for a second or third time. In fact, this is the smartest thing you can do in this situation. Don't feel obligated to make a hiring decision after just one interview.

Job Interview TPI Staffing Agency

Interviewing candidates multiple times actually shows that you are serious about selecting the right person for the job and also gives the candidate another chance to evaluate whether or not your work environment would be a good fit for them as well. Thus, your chances for selecting and retaining the right employees have greatly increased, all adding up to a smarter recruiting process.


Tip #5: Know Your Timeline

Hiring managers should define the hiring timeline prior to starting a search for talent. If your company needs to find an employee immediately, reaching out to a recruiting agency that has a vast database of vetted candidates may be your best option. If your company's need is not urgent, then you may be able to source for talent at a slower pace, while incorporating a more targeted approach. 


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