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Boost Employee Morale

May 23rd, 2016

Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Are you and your coworkers in a slump? Discover new simple ways to inspire employees and improve morale with different types of incentives.

Discover simple ways to inspire employees and improve morale with different types of incentives.

Morale has a huge impact on the success of an organization. So, when morale sinks, performance declines shortly after. We've shared our employee motivation tips to cultivate a positive work environment. Discover new ways to boost employee morale and generate excitement in the workplace.

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Improve Employee Morale with Employee Appreciation Gifts

Office Treats to Boost Employee MoraleSummer-Themed Gifts

Once a week throughout the summer, place a piece of candy with positive inspiration tag on their desk. Fun ways to boost employee morale and show your appreciation. They’ll be wondering what’s up your sleeve next week!




Encourage a Company Wellness Program

A healthy workplace encourages a productive office. So however you can promote wellness within your workplace, the better the results. 

How do you go about it?

Start by doing your research on a few topics that may generate some excitement. Plan a Lunch & Learn presentation and hire a local speaker or a professional wellness company to come in and speak to your employees about health and wellness. Relatable topics employees will enjoy may include how to accomplish a healthy lifestyle while balancing a full-time work schedule. Anything that helps get your employees active in their nutrition and health is something you should market to them. 


Wellness Topics Ideas

  • Healthy eating and nutrition
  • Fitness and health goals
  • Marathon running, 5K competitions
  • Preventive care
  • Smoking
  • Total well-being
  • Stress management
  • Heat Safety

For employers with non climate-controlled facilities or outdoor workspaces, check out our tips for preventing heat stress or heat-related illness in our Beat-The-Heat Summer Campaign


Wellness Challenge Ideas

  • Exercise Challenge- promote exercising at least 20 minutes each day 5 times a week
  • Healthy Eating Challenge
  • Water Drinking Challenge
  • Gratitude Challenge- promotes expressing appreciation to increase overall well-being and happiness
  • Walking Challenge 


Improve Employee Morale with Little Perks

Redefine the Work Week

Consider giving your employees flexibility in their work schedule such as "half-days" on Fridays or a 4-day work week.

Ideal for seasonal businesses who may have a slower season that will allow for time off depending on customer needs. Consider what your employees want, and what would be of the most value to them. If unsure, ask! Take an employee vote or survey to find out what is important to them.


Weekly Awards

Each week, vote on the hardest worker, top salesperson, or most valuable employee that week. Gather votes by Thursday afternoon and announce the winner on Friday with all employees present. Print out personalized awards and put in a frame for their office or cubicle. This is a great way to recognize hard workers and may even put some pep in the “not so hardworking” employees’ step! This gives people initiative to work better and harder, and who doesn't enjoy being recognized for their hard work? Fun game to keep your employees on their toes!


Happy Hour

Who doesn’t love happy hour? Try a unique spin on the usual happy hour and opt for non-alcoholic drinks, healthy snacks or a fun dessert station  to boost employee morale and satisfy your sweet tooth in the process. In place of alcohol, use root beer and create root beer floats!


Send out Daily or Weekly Highlights

Send out a mass email to all internal employees highlighting the best parts of the day, giving shout-outs to those that deserve it, or tell a short story about a positive event that took place that day or throughout the week.




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