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How Employment Agencies Attract Quality Candidates

May 3rd, 2021

Hiring talented individuals is a critical step to the success of an organization. In order to hire the most talented people, staffing agency recruiters must attract top quality candidates through a variety of techniques.


How Employment Agencies Attract Quality Candidates

How Employment Agencies Attract Quality Candidates TPI Staffing

Hiring talented individuals is a critical step to the success of an organization. Employment agencies use a number of resources to attract qualified candidates to match potential job seekers with staffing agency clients. Today job seekers have numerous choices for employment which makes the job market more competitive and demanding. 


Recruiting Techniques

Staffing agency recruiters attract both passive and active candidates. In order to hire the most talented people, recruiters have a variety of hiring strategies depending on job level and client lead time. Because the needs of each client company differ, staffing agency Recruiters must be able to quickly adapt to unique requirements of each client.

A staffing agency like TPI Staffing, has niche divisions with specialized team of recruiters that source for specific job categories such as Office Professional Staffing and Light Industrial Staffing divisions. This segmentation technique attracts the right kind of candidates for the job and eventually the client company. 

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Assignment Flexibility

By working with a staffing agency, employees are able to work multiple assignments. This allows candidates the flexibility to try a variety of work environments, industries, and company sizes to make the best decision on what's the right choice for them in the long-run. Just like employees are able to evaluate a workplace, hiring companies are able to evaluate the employee before making a hiring commitment by utilizing a Temp-to-Hire option.

Attracting both passive and active candidates can be a challenge. Employment agencies offer Temporary, Temp-to-Hire and Direct Hire assignment options that cater to the various stages in a job seekers cycle


Diverse Client Base (Fortune 500 Companies)

Job seekers are attracted to the option of working directly with a local staffing agency Recruiter because they know that there is a higher probability of scoring an interview with a Fortune 500 company through a staffing agency than landing it on their own. By having a variety of clients that are Fortune 500 companies, medium sized, and small family-owned businesses, candidates can have their choice of what works best for them.


Insurance, Benefits and Perks

Temporary employees are able to receive benefits while on assignment. Most staffing agencies will offer Medical, Dental, Vision, Long & Short Term Disability. Among the perks of working flexible assignments, referral bonuses, holiday pay, and employee of the quarter awards are great incentives to attract quality candidates to employment agencies.


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