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3 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Assist Employees Return to Work

July 8th, 2020

There are many variables to consider as organizations begin to plan their return-to-work strategy. The ongoing unpredictability of the economy, unemployment, and concerns of the coronavirus pandemic have all created new challenges for employers to address. A staffing company can help promote workforce flexibility in a variety of ways.

3 Ways TPI Staffing Can Assist Employees Return to Work

1. Temporary Workers

Temporary workers are a low-risk option with little obligation required. Temporary (contract) employees only work the specified hours or days you need them, so you only pay for the time worked or on an as-needed basis.

There are many advantages of using a staffing agency to provide temporary workers during times of uncertainty. A company can tryout the candidate risk-free first, without adding to your company headcount. TPI Staffing maintains a candidate pipeline of talent that are pre-screened and ready to start with little lead time.

Due to the impacts from COVID-19, companies may be hesitant to hire, but hiring doesn't have to be scary or expensive. TPI Staffing is flexible enough to work with any budget and we are able to offer extremely competitive rates as we navigate throughout this economic crisis together.

2. Temp-to-Hire Employees

Temp-to-Hire is a proven method to determine whether an individual will fit into your working environment. One of the main benefits of Temp-to-Hire is that it allows you to evaluate the candidate’s performance on the job before making a hiring commitment. Upon completion of the trial period, a company may hire the employee with no additional fees or simply keep them on the staffing agency's payroll until you are ready financially to make a hiring decision.

If you are not satisfied with an employee, we can replace them, and you have not made the investment of hiring them onto your payroll. The staffing company handles all payroll expenses such as taxes, unemployment, workers’ compensation, insurance and W-2.

Were you a recipient of a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan and need to add to your headcount under the forgiveness regulations? Either way, a staffing agency could be your solution.

3. Payrolling Services

If your company has unfortunately downsized or implemented layoffs—payrolling may be your answer to your Return-to-Work strategy. Bringing back employees that were furloughed or laid off by payrolling allows you to continue to utilize the valuable skills of former employees by transferring them to our payroll at a discounted price.

Rather than finding new talent through an agency, our clients send the furloughed or laid off employees to us. You can bring back the employees without increasing headcount for full-time employees.

This means that TPI Staffing is the employer of record and manages all payroll expenses such as taxes, unemployment, workers' compensation, insurance and W-2 - allowing you to focus on your core business. The flexibility of the payrolling option is a great benefit during times of uncertainty.

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