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How a Staffing Company Can Help During Times of Uncertainty

April 16th, 2020

While the majority of us are working from home at this time, the TPI Staffing team is here for you. We are still hiring and our Recruiters continue to interview and match great talent with great client opportunities- virtually. For those struggling to hire, below are ways a staffing firm could help organizations in need.

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Staffing During a Crisis

Due to the impacts from COVID-19, there has been a recent influx of talent looking for work as unemployment numbers continue to rise. Our goal is to make sure companies are set up for continued success throughout these unprecedented times. Although many jobs have been put on hold, many companies are continuing to hire for high-demand positions and other essential jobs that need filled.


Ease the Transition of Layoffs
If your company is unfortunately downsizing or going through layoffs—payrolling may be your answer. You can continue to utilize the valuable skills of your employees by transferring them to our payroll at a discounted price. This means TPI Staffing is the employer of record and manages all payroll expenses such as taxes, unemployment, worker’s compensation, and W-2 issues - allowing you to focus on your core business.
Cut Staffing Costs
During times of uncertainty it's important to account for every penny spent. Temporary (contract) employees only work the specified hours or days you need them, so you only pay for the time worked or until the project is completed. In-comparison to full time staff, contract workers cost much less than salaried employees. 
Candidates Immediately Available to Help
Because staffing agency recruiters keep a pool of readily available talent for a variety of jobs and industries, a job opening can easily be filled within a matter of hours or days. For hiring peaks, seasonal needs, a special project, or if you have a large number of job openings, a staffing firm can help fill these needed positions.

Rehire Strategy
In times like these, companies should focus on strategizing rebound hiring processes to come out ahead of the competition. If you're in this position, schedule a 15 minute intro call to see how a staffing agency can help improve on recruitment processes and/or consolidate your staffing needs to cut staffing costs.
If you are struggling to find qualified talent or are in need of employees, you've come to the right place. Learn how TPI Staffing can help your company with your staffing needs by calling 281-890-3331 or Schedule a Call with our Sales Team. If you're not sure where to start, download our free Comprehensive Guide to Staffing Agencies in Texas.

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