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How to Conquer a Virtual Job Interview

April 29th, 2020

As candidates and employers continue to navigate the ever-changing environment around the coronavirus pandemic, the settings for interviewers and interviewees have moved to a virtual interviewing process for convenience and safe social distancing practices. Here are some tips that will help you prepare and set yourself up for a successful virtual job interview.

TPI Staffing Virtual Job Interview

Pick the Perfect Spot

Choose a quiet setting to create a "home office" during your job interview. Share with members in your house that you will be on an important call to ensure that there are no interruptions. Make sure that the space behind your video is neat and presentable. Don't forget to silence and put your cell phones away. 


Test your Technology
Position your camera appropriately so that your full headshot appears in the video image. Test your audio beforehand to ensure that your volume is in a suitable range to hear the interviewer. Make sure that you increase your speaking volume up a level to project higher energy and a more conversational tone.
Be Prepared
Have a copy of your resume, the job description for which you're applying, and notes on the company printed for quick reference. Do your homework on the company by visiting their website and research their products/services, company culture, mission statement and more. Come prepared with a list of questions for your interviewer about the role and its responsibilities. 
Dress the Part
Choose something that makes you feel prepared for an interview - full interview attire (pants included). While a full suit may not be necessary for a video interview, it is recommended that you dress in a button down/tie, polo or blouse, avoiding loud prints and bright colors.

Maintain Eye Contact and Body Language
Continue to use your non-verbal cues like maintaining eye contact, smiling and nodding while you listen to your interviewer to stay engaged in the conversation. Maintain good posture in your chair. Don't forget to be YOURSELF. 

Follow Up and Be Patient
It might be challenging to nab the contact information for your interviewer, so don't forget to connect with your recruiter following your interview and tell them how it went! It's strongly encouraged for you to send a follow-up "Thank You" note clearly expressing your thanks and interest in their opening. Lastly, please be patient if the recruiter is taking longer than normal to provide you with feedback. Adding in video interviewing from a remote location adds an extra layer of communication between hiring manager and HR, and it may take longer than usual to make an offer. 
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